Completing a Dissertation Within a Week

It looks like a mission impossible when anyone talks about finishing a dissertation in one week. For years, the sentiments you get from people who have gone through it will make you think it cannot work. Many people spend five to seven-year doing their dissertation, while others are giving up along the way. However, accelerated programs are building a way around the long periods taken to complete a dissertation. When you plan carefully, with some organizational skills and the right motivation, completing a dissertation in a week is possible.

Importance of a dissertation

A dissertation is a requirement of a doctoral degree, where you do some original research, submit and defend a report about a particular phenomenon. It is almost similar to what grad students do in their academic life though in this case, the stakes are higher, and the report is longer. To accomplish this mammoth called a dissertation in less than a week, you have to eliminate any other thing from your mind and only focus on contributing to your field, convince your academic committee that you fit the bill and are ready to be a professional and complete the dissertation. The secret to finishing your dissertation boils down to starting early and planning. Here are a few tips to help you plan on how to finish your dissertation quickly.

Use your coursework

Even to the Ph.D. level, most students are good at only working hard and not working smart. If you look keenly, you will notice that most of your coursework contributes to your dissertation. Although you need a sharp eye to identify that and make use of your coursework, you need prior planning. The best way to approach this is to have a vague idea of your dissertation's right when you are starting the program. For each unit, take key points that could contribute to your future dissertation. Also, try structuring your assignment research in a way that can double up as part of your dissertation research. 

Set reasonable goals

Suppose you take a close look at any achievable goal, most of the time. In that case, they do not involve making Einstein look like an underachiever, solve all worldly problems, or knowing everything. The attitude of a Ph.D. student wanting to make huge discoveries and answer big questions is one reason they take too long to finish their dissertation. If you are looking to have a fast and straightforward dissertation, you need to be realistic with your goals. Many dissertations often have disclaimers of what is not covered and what can be covered in the future. So, keep in mind that you cannot do it alone. Stick to the achievable topics and, in the end, make a well researched and smart contribution to your profession.

Do not read too much

The literature review is one of the sections that most students take too much time in. It is the section where it highlights already existing content relating to your dissertation topic. Do not get caught up too much in reading other literature to formulating your literature review. Take the literature review as a tool to give your dissertation context and thus does not need a lot of reading. It is not about proving that you know everything but ensuring that it relates to your work. 

Start writing

There is never the right time to start writing. If you have the idea in your head, you have your research in hand and all the material in place, it is your cue to start. Do not let your overburdening responsibilities, crushing anxiety, or perfectionism stop you from starting your writing. Your work does not have to be perfect in the first draft. You can always revise and revise where need be. You will realize that dissertation is like an endurance sport, and you will need all the energy and focus. So keep writing till it is done.

Writing Ideas

Organize your thoughts

By keeping your mind intact you make yourself more resistant to stress, and writing an academic paper is surely a lot of stress. You may feel better if you organize your working space, too. Make sure you have everything you need on the table, and that it’s comfortable to sit and write for a couple of hours. Create the working space that will make you want to be there for longer and work harder.

Plan Your Project

Get More Ideas

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