A List Of Controversial Dissertation Topics About Business And Management

If you want to go the controversial route when it comes to dissertation topics, the area of business and management is surely no stranger to controversy. Here are some examples of the most controversial topics that you can choose about business and management.

You can have a choice between dealing with sensitive topics such as sexually transmitted diseases or harassment in the workplace. Additionally, you can also explore other topics. Some of these highly popular topics are listed below.

  1. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: How to Deal With It Properly
  2. The Emergence of AIDS and Related Diseases in the Workplace
  3. Interoffice Relationships: Is It Healthy For Business?
  4. The Company Policies on Having LGBT Community Members in the Workplace
  5. The Advantages of Having a Female Chief Executive Officer as Opposed to Male Leaders in the Company
  6. The Advantage of Being a Certain Gender regarding Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  7. A Study of the Effects of the Economic Collapse on Business Relations in the Office

On the other hand, you can delve deeper into office politics and find out some of the mechanics of finding of the corporate ladder. Here are some examples of topics related to office politics and the workplace.

  1. The Various Ways for You to Increase Your Chances of Getting Promoted and Improving Business in the Process
  2. The Psychological Aspects of Business and How It Affects Management as a Whole
  3. A Dissertation on the Different Personality Types of Successful Business Tycoons and Entrepreneurs
  4. Does It Pay To Be Shrewd In Business?
  5. Suggestions on How You Can Improve Business Strategies by Improving The Workplace Environment
  6. An In-Depth Feasibility Study on Various Business Models that New Executives Can Use
  7. Studying the Competition: The Importance Of A Market Study In Business
  8. The Significance of Considering Your Market Value In Business
  9. Different ways to improve Business Marketability

These are just some of the many ways for you to write an intriguing exposition using business and management as your main topics. I hope that you will be able to apply these major points when trying to look for proper subjects to use for your technical writing project. You will not regret using these topics because they will surely reflect the nature and factors affecting business and management in the most inclusive way possible.


You should always remember that this is, and management is a rich subject to explore. So you have to be specific in what aspect you would want to focus on. This way, your dissertation will become the most comprehensive and controversial one of them all.

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